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17 January 2008 @ 03:14 pm
Checkin in'!  
Hey gang! It's a brand new year, and for a lot of people that means a new diet or a new start in general. Just wanted to check and see how everyone is doing so far. I have been back on track for REAL since the day after New Years and I am happy to say I have lost -10lbs of the lame stress/holiday weight I gained since around October. I'm very happy! I kept true to my word last fall and signed up for a 'walking for fitness' class at my local community college. We met on Tuesday and outlined, and today is the first time we actually walk together. There are lots of other chubby people in the class, so I don't feel awkward at all. YAY! I should have more positive things to report to you soon. I need to lose -19lbs more to get back to my lowest adult weight ever. Seems kind of daunting, but I know I can do it. It's enough of a push knowing that right now I am at a lower weight than I graduated high school at 9 years ago! haha.

I have a couple delicious, low-point, filling dinner suggestions for you. At Safeway they have Signature brand soups in plastic containers. Their minestrone is 7pts for the whole huge bucket, with TONS of veggies! It's VERY filling, especially with 2pts worth of fat free crackers to dip in. It has pasta in it as well, so it's a great winter meal. Also, if you are okay with fake meat, there's a pouch by the tofu section called "Smart Chili", that has nearly no fat and tons of fiber. You can heat it right in the pouch! I put a little onions and 2% cheddar cheese, grab some celery and carrot sticks with light ranch on the side, and you have another filling, nutritious dinner for under 10points (about 6pts, actually, so this could be a great lunch also!).

Hope everyone is doing well. WE CAN DO THIS.