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20 December 2007 @ 11:27 pm
'tis the season  
Today was the first truly horrifyingly tempting day of the 'season'. I got home and was feeling icky - like I had been eating all day long - but the more I think about it - I haven't!

My work group had a luncheon complete with Baja Fresh and gourmet cookies the size of a large man's hands (fingers spread!).
I managed to have just one taco, one fajita (without any beans and only a little rice), and one cookie during lunch. Of course all of our vendors are sending us chocolates and fruit baskets - and all the little marthastewartnewlywedwannabees in the building bring fudge and pies and cookies galore. I had one piece of peppermint fudge and an apple. After work the marketing department had their holiday party complete with all the trimmings. I had 4 pieces of sushi, a few bites of cheese,  a plate of veggies and maybe 5 thin pretzels. Oh and 2 small glasses of wine (because who in their right mind can tolerate an office party COMPLETELY sober?)  I came home to clean house and pack my car. I made sure to clean out the perishables from the fridge so I dont come back to a goopy mess in early '08. I'm now sitting down with a peanut butter sammich and a glass of milk.

I would say on the whole - I didn't eat that much.  Maybe it was just LOOKING at food all day long that made me feel like I'd been consuming? I don't know its kinda weird. Never had this sensation.  Anyhow... On the numbers side of things - I am 17 weeks in - and 37 pounds lighter. I feel good! (nah nah nah nah nah nah nah!) You knew that I would, now!