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11 December 2007 @ 01:12 pm
So I'm still on task - and doing a damn fine job, if i do say so myself. A few weeks back I needed a candy bar. Dangnabbit! I just HAD TO HAVE A CANDY BAR!!! I have discovered the most perfect creation of mankind:

2 minis for one point
or the bar size for 3!
28 November 2007 @ 12:17 pm
So I ate all my points yesterday, after working out. I had some chicken strips and rice (white rice ...eep) and was pretty full, the only thing I was worried about was that I had my dinner at around 9:30pm..I try not to eat after 8pm but I figured since I worked out, it was alright. And it was!! I was shocked...I thought for sure I would've gained when I stepped on the scale this morning ( I was going to try not weighing myself this morning but I was scared so I had to) and I lost 1lb since yesterday!! WOW!!! It felt so good. I've been over 180 for SO LONG...so to finally get to 180 and know that 179 is right around the corner feels ...attainable. It actually makes me want to work out MORE!
27 November 2007 @ 01:30 pm
Hey guys!
I started my WW weight loss journey on October 1st of this year, and so far I've lost about 15lbs. My goal is to lose 25lbs (short-term goal) so it feels really good.
I'm proud that I'm actually sticking to the WW program this time, instead of doing it for a few days and then having a really bad day and scrapping the whole thing.
Some hurtful remarks about my weight kick-started me back into being really motivated and determined to reach my goals.

I've plateau-d this past week at 181lbs, which is pretty discouraging and disappointing but I read a great article here (http://www.diet-blog.com/archives/2006/02/27/5_ways_to_break_a_weight_loss_plateau.php) which I hope will help!!! I'm drinking loads and loads of water (and going pee about every 20mins...ergh!) and eating right...in fact I find I'm having a hard time eating all my points every day, letalone eating the 35 flex points :-/ Any tips? I am also working out 3x week, doing weights for about 20mins and cardio for 30. I guess I can up those times as well.
I'm happy to join this group, I hope its updated frequently b/c having people in the same boat makes this trip a whole lot easier!
27 November 2007 @ 10:28 am
So I have been off track for a while now. No fun. It's just so damned EASY to eat bad and not think - but on the other hand, it's mighty lazy. Fattening food tastes good though! I was off for a while, scared myself with my gains, then lost 10lbs (almost as much as I'd gained), so I felt 'off the hook' for a second.. and gained it back. Now I am the most I've weighed since Spring, and I'm scared. Last nite I went to the store and got all healthy stuff, lots of snacks since that seems to be a bad habit of mine, and yeah. Back on plan today. It just always sets me back when I get in that rebellious state of mind, like "so and so can eat whatever they want, they don't have to eat the tiniest portion ever! why not me!". Then I get piggy-pig. I need to find more of a medium - eating healthy as often as I can, but not beating myself up or dumping a whole week (month.. season..) down the drain because of one holiday or bad meal with friends. I also think one bad meal doesn't affect me during the week, that's what flexies are for, so if I'm REALLY craving something I should just have it! But only that once. No ruining the day on account of one order of buffalo chicken strips. hahaha.

In short - I'M BACK.
26 November 2007 @ 01:47 pm
I always hate it when skinny people say that. I had a skinny friend in college who was always eating atrocious things and then saying 'I feel gross' with her nose all scrunched up. And there I would be - easily twice her size having just eaten the exact same thing she had and not feeling bad about it at all.

I had a pretty good Turkey Day/weekend. I managed to maintain Monday-Monday which- with all the delectable temptations of the holiday - I don't feel so bad about. So its Monday again, and I'm 'back on track' right? I have a bit of a sniffle -  its a dreary day - I'm thinking I'd like some soup. So I waltz on down to the Cosi on the corner and decide to order a large tomato soup.  Why the hell not? Its just tomato soup, right?

I get back to my office eat the soup and the tastey flatbread that comes with (again, why the hell not? its just just tomato soup!)
rustic flatbread - 5 POINTS (no surprises there)
1 large (15oz) Tomato Basil soup at COSI - 565 calories, 51g fat, 3g fiber - 15 POINTS
What could POSSIBLY be lurking in that little container? An entire melted stick of butter and a cup of heavy cream?

*groans* My stomach has rolled over. I feel like I could hurl.
20 November 2007 @ 09:18 pm
Deep Dish Polenta Pie
6 Servings @ 4 Pts Each

I'd give this a B.
It was pretty good, and the husband enjoyed it. We had it with roasted brussels sprouts and some toasted olive bread. How civilized.
There was something a little odd in the polenta, and I think it was cooking it with milk. I've never prepared polenta that way, not sure what it added besides a creaminess, and polenta is already pretty creamy. Next time- no milk, just water in the polenta prep but more cheese. And more salt, I rarely advocate for more salt but this just needed a wee bit more. And this isn't their fault, but the tomatoes were horrible. Sad to be at the end of tomato season.
Also; there was so much, I love how the picture has this tidy, short, quiche-like pie. Nu-uh. My pie pan overfloweth (almost).
Current Mood: packing
29 October 2007 @ 10:39 am
Wow. The chill has set in around here, FINALLY!
Half of me wants to settle into slippers and bake pies and cookies. But I'm doing really well, so I'll resist the urge... Don my sneakers instead and a sweatshirt and take a walk in the crisp air. I LOVE FALL!  Nine weeks of serious points counting has really paid off - 22lbs. If I can drop another 20 by New Years - my boyfriend is taking me horseback riding on New Year's Day.  20 pounds past that and my best friends are teaching me to wall climb. These little goals are really doing the trick for motivating me! My ultimate end goal is kite surfing next Labor Day.

Two weeks back I made the squash lasagna dish. I did a layer of spinach for color. Over all very happy with the results - But I think next time I might do shredded chicken or turkey in the dish too. Also my noodles totally sucked all the salt and seasoning from the sauce. The result was slightly bland - definitely needed salting at the table. *shrug* oh well.

Friday night I had a cheeseburger from the best burger place in the whole wide world. So what if I only had a bowl of tomatoes for lunch? It was the  most rewarding cheeseburger I've ever had. Ever. Out to eat on Sunday - and I ordered a chicken & broccoli alfredo dish. The waitress very kindly and accurately accommodated my request for very light pasta and very heavy broccoli, grilled chicken to replace the breaded, etc - and as always Gary snatched away my garlic bread before I could sniff its tantalizing aromas. Here's the thing I'm finding most interesting - it used to be, that if there was garlic bread on my plate, I ate it. Didn't matter how good it was, if it was on my plate I consumed it. Now I find that I can taste something and say to myself - ' you know, that bread is kind of stale or flavorless' and decide its not worth it. I've never had that kind of control before. Its empowering. But I still have a big problem with leaving anything on my plate (entree wise) even when I know I'm full - I'm compelled to finish whats on my plate. Restaurant portions are particularly dangerous because of this. Any ideas how to curtail that?

Happy End of October everybody!
(Thank God I don't get trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood! Lord knows what I'd do with a giant bag of mini-Hershey's!)

09 October 2007 @ 09:08 pm
I love to cook, and can, and pickle, and generally make stuff so I spend a lot of time looking for new DubDub recipes to try.

Review the First-
Baked Macaroni & Cheese
5pts a serving

Blah. It was NOT bursting with flavor. It was super bland and I am bummed there is so much leftover for me to eat. The low low fat cheese just doesn't work in this recipe. Maybe with way more salt & pepper, but I think making a cheese sauce would be better that just tossing cheese in the milk. And the sour cream seemed to serve no purpose.

Review the Second
Baked Winter Squash Raisin & Pine Nut Lasagna
6pts a serving
Delish! I feel like they skimped on the squash a little. Why? I might double it next time. The cheese sauce/roux in this worked so well it makes me wonder why they would make me make that boring excuse for a sauce in the mac recipe. Why DubDub, why?
04 October 2007 @ 01:46 pm
So... I woke up this morning pretty upset and I'd decided I was going to think about lap band surgery. At my weight and my cholesterol (Hereditary hyper-cholesterolemia - 400)I just can't afford to not get thinner! I need to take the stress off my heart and the extra cholesterol out of my body. I wasn't convinced I could do it alone. I got to work and started looking it up and for some reason decided to mention it to my friend and co-worker.

God saw this and said "Hm. Probably not a good idea yet..." And got to working....

My co-worker responded with "Have you ever been on Weight Watchers? I found my books and I'm starting it Monday."

I wrote Rae a message and told her.

She responded and told me I should try eating better again. She believes in me :D

I told my co-worker I wanted to do it. So here I am, getting ready. We're starting together on Monday. I'm excited. It's kind of like the first day of school.... a school I've started and failed out of many, many times, but I know I can do it. This time I'm not telling anyone but my boyfriend.

I'm nervous. I'm excited. I'm hopeful. I'm determined. We'll see what happens.
02 October 2007 @ 09:55 am
Hi there -
Just thought I'd stick my nose out there and see how everyone's doing! I'm feeling compelled to report in.

I've been 5 weeks back on the proverbial horse - and have lost 13 lbs for my efforts thus far. I've slipped back into some clothes in my closet that I haven't worn for months. I haven't felt this good in a long while! I've got a long ways to go however to meet my goal.

I've been counting points with the fervor of someone with serious OCD. My boyfriend (tall, slim, eats-whatever-he-wants, stick man) has been fantastic - foregoing treats for himself if he thinks it'll be too sore a temptation to me. He has even sent away the complimentary bread that the waitress brought to the table when he sees my eyes glaze over with bread-lust, and makes do with the garlic bread he snatches off my plate when the entrees arrive before I can even smell it. 

I have been walking 2 miles at least 4 days a week. Riding my bike to choir practice - and opting to take the bus that drops me off farther from my house (but only if it gets there before my regular bus... so I can't take too much credit for that!)

The only thing I'm finding frustrating at this point is that in order to stick the the rules so thoroughly I end up thinking about food all day long.
What have I eaten so far today? What am I going to eat later on? If I'm away from home (or work) I have a hard time not constantly reciting what I have to write down as soon as I get to my spreadsheet.

So I suppose my question is this - will I ever get to a point where this doesn't have to be so mentally taxing? Or is that just the price I have to pay? I can live with it either way I suppose. I'm just feeling a tiny bit neurotic. Slightly slimmer, and not-out-of-breath-at-the-top-of-the-stairs, but a bit loopy, all in all.